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The linkspages are no longer maintained, too much changes to deal with.
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Jim & Marjory Fainges
Minicupality Instructions for building their postcardmodels
Ozrigami Origami Animals
Ozzigami Platonic models
Stella (EXE)Polyhedra
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KuK Atelier Helmets (Kartonfalthelme)
Kunst Historisches Museum Go to Shop, go to Games
Papermodel Civilisations
Link Language type and remarks French Go to Cartoons, go to Salemi for a fritkot
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*   Model Art
Kancho's Paper Wings   Mask
Paper Robots Workshop   Robot
Link type and remarks
Britannia Models Plastic and paper models for the model railroader
Conception-Editions ARC
Gabriel Models
Hobby Factory
Joan Irvine The pop-up Lady
Mini Meks Mecha
Paper Aircraft Werks
Paper Beam
PaperLab By Darius Lapinski
PopUp Cars
Le Valet d'Coeur online Go to Games Catalogue, go to Architecture
*Vita Papermodels
Wrebbit Canada 3D Puzzles
Wrebbit Jigsaw Jungle 3D Puzzles
Yee's Job Designer of Origamic Architecture, popupcards, models
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Paper Folding 3D Origami software
Paper-Pro Modelling Clocks
Tony's paper World
Czech republic
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ABC Magazine Czech
CPM Czech
MiGas Czech
PMHT Czech Go to Produkty
Ripper Works Czech
Pavel Spacek Czech Go to Papírové modely
SpiShop Czech
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Antlor - The Deer Departed Paper art by Kenn Munk
Video Bornholm Origami video
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Helsingors stadsmuseum Go to Services/Museumshop
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Agora Editions   NOX Movie theatre
Archi Kit   (ZIP)Buildings of the Alsace
Bob's Card Models  
Cirque Pinder Jean Richard   A Circus tent. Go to Boutique/Divers
Ghost Club   Early Rolls Royce models 1/29
Ahn Gloux   Go to Pluie de Sel for Puppets and Kannadous
*L'Instant Durable   Famous castles and carhedrals
*Maquettes Carton   Including the Bilbao Guggenheim  
Model's Centrum   For Fly, Maly and GPM models
Pakouplis French
Stones Edges   (ZIP)
Synthesizer Do It Yourself   Synthesizers
Link language type and remarks
Alex Modellbau German
Astro Media*Verlag German astronomical objects
Aue Verlag German Schreiber + Möckmühler bogen
Auhagen German For model railroads
Baerenpresse German Go to Bastelbogen
Breihofer Design German .
Buchkatalog German Search for "bastelbogen"
Coastal Forces in Paper  
Collection Ancienne German 18th Century buildings in H0 scale
Conys Modellbau German
DesignerSpiele German
Deutsches Museum Muenchen German Go to Modelle
Deutsches Schiffahrts Museum German Go to Museum Paedagogik for ships and lighthouses
Faltplatte German
Oscar Fettman's Raumschiffe German
Fremo German
Freundeskreis ME 109 German Go to Fanartikel
FS Kartonmodelle German
Dietmar Glaser German Paper models of towers, go to Kartonmodellbau von Türmen
Gleimo German Go to download for the download of the month
*Martin Gumhold Papiermodelle German
Gymnasium St. Mauritz German School building
Home of Paper Models   Online shop for old, rare and antique cardmodels
Jan Hutnik Verlag German
JM precision cardmodels  
Die Kieler Hansekogge German Go to the Shop
Klebefalz German Z-scale (1:220)
KMW2 German
Leuchttürme aus Karton German Lighthouses
Mitteldeutscher Kartonmodell-verlag German
Modelbau Holzinger German Online shop for Aue Verlag, Schreiber Bogen, Möwe Verlag, DSM, and other German publishers.
Modellautos aus Papier German Cars in all types and colors
MTP Studio  
NaBu NaturschutzBund German Go to Shop/Bastelbogen
Nordseebrise German Go to basteltest for a free model
Paper Warbirds   WWI airplanes
Papmobil   Airships   Go to Postcards/Construction Cards
Thomas Paschke Grafik Design German Lisa, Dr. Rocket
Passat Verlag German
Pollidor's Papier Curiosa German and Toy Theatres
Ramatoto Modell Design German
*Reisen zur Kunst German
Roter Sand Leuchtturm Shop German
Ruegen in Karton German
*Walter Ruffler   Automata
*Scheuer und Struever   Thousands of models from all over the world
Annette Scholz Verlag German Ein Vergnugen besonderes Art
*Schreiber Bogen German Very good German publisher
*Stange Design German Cardboard furniture
Steinbach 2000 German Go to the online shop, go to Souvenir
Stipp Bastelbogen German Models for railroading in Z, N, TT, HO, 0, I and II scale
Mario Truant Verlag   Go to Tabletops
Umpfi's Slotbox   Go to CD's for paper models of old Faller buildings
Urban Kartonmodelle  
Wartburg und Darkas polizei German Police cars
Werkmeister German 2006 Soccer stadiums
Wilhelmshavener Modelbau   Berlin Wall
Zeppelin Museum   Go to the shop
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HMKS Hungarian Spitfire
Link type and remarks
Aero Papermodel
Jules Crafter Tanks, armoured vehicles and figures
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Cuspa Paper Models
Link type and remarks
*ML Card Models Printed Modelart, IAF magazine and other models
Link language type and remarks
Domuskit   Go to the Shop/Domus Kit
Edizione Incarta Italian Monuments of Naples   Tractors and Shovels
Link language type and remarks Japanese SF and Anime
Mizorogi Akira Japanese
Ikuo Anazawa  
ATS Room Japanese
Bondless Origami Papercraft   (DNL)
Choki Choki Japanese
Chokipeta Kobo Japanese SF and cartooncharacters
Glue2 chronicle    
HandsOn Japanese Violin, Cello, Grand piano
Shoichi Hattori Japanese
Jupiter Japanese Go to Kraft for Funny animals and Pokemon
Kajiwari Graphic Design Japanese
Kami Mokei Japanese
Kokigami   Go to Wrapping/Making (Adult material)
Kyoto Machiya Shiryo-Kan Japanese (EXE)
Minami Design Office Japanese
MONO craft Japanese
Nakamura Japanese Papercraft and Paperart
*P Model Japanese To buy these models (if you're not from Japan) go to SpiShop, listed under Czech Republic.
Papercraft Etsutan Japanese
Paper Create Japanese Gun and lighter
Paper Engineer's Workshop   automata, furniture, mask and paper sculptures
Paper-Tony   automata
Paper Wonderland Japanese
  Become a member to download the models. (Use the paper model envelope). Raspera has the rasterized versions of some of the Peramodels.
Petcot Japanese
Pino Art Japanese
Randy's home Japanese Go to Ppc.html at the top of the page
Shubunsha Japanese
Sightseeing in craft Kyoto Japanese Automata
Sugii Design Japanese
Sugoneta Japanese CD-rom's that also include some paper models   Modern versions of old Japanese diorama's
TORI Japanese (LZH) 
Wastepaper Factory Japanese Pistols, guns and robots
Y-System Japanese Robots
Yomiuri Giants Japanese Baseballplayers
ZAPP Factory Japanese Go to /paper
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3D Paper Com  
eBook Paper Empire   Jeonju stadium
Howpaper Korean
Paper Magic   Korean Heritage models and Seoel soccerstadium

Link language type and remarks Lithuanian Also a discussion board and gallery

Link type and remarks
Hazanet Paper Model

The Netherlands
Link language type and remarks
Aries Astro Services Dutch Look for Ecliptoscoop
Atalanta Dutch Go to Diversen
De Cartonnagefabriek  
Consola Dutch By J. Troost
*Dioramix Dutch
Ben Elfrink Dutch All kind of models
Gungnir's Card Models   for wargamers
Hajenius Dutch Go to popup store
Heemkundige Vereniging Terneuzen Dutch Go to Uitgaves/Bouwplaat for the City Hall
The Hobby Shop   Free models from different sources
*Horst Bouwplaten Dutch
Iceberg   This site
Ipacity Dutch Working technical instruments
*Ron van der Meer   Pop-up packs
De Hollandsche Molen Dutch Dutch windmills, go to Winkel and look for Bouwplaten
Lumage Dutch
Modelbouwplaat op maat Dutch Custom made cut out model premiums
Cees Oosterom Design Dutch Go to Bouwplaten
Alex den Ouden   (ZIP) Technical Models
PaperTrains Dutch
PeArd Dutch (ZIP)
*Piet design Dutch Many Dutch Buildings
De Prins Bouwplaten Dutch
Przewalski Ontwerpers Dutch Go to bouwplaten
Scaldis Cardboard Modelclub Dutch
Scheepsmodelbouw Visser  
Leon Schuijt  
Solo uitgeverij Dutch Ajax and Feijenoord soccer stadiums
Het Speelgoed Hemeltje Dutch
studio Bronsveld Dutch
Studio Omega  
Urks Fruit Dutch Go to Onger de Toonbank for a Fisherman's house
Velorama   Go to Kids Only for a Velodrome
YorLogo Dutch Paper models with your own logo
Zeist Bouwplaten  
New Zealand
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By Air Classique
Christchurch Art Gallery
Go to the Shop, go to Unique to the gallery
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Aviones de Papel
Peruvian Trading
Link type and remarks
Repap Models
Link language type and remarks
Answer Polish
Draf Model  
Gomix Polish
Gryf hobby   Free unfold program in Polish
KEL Polish 1:50
Mikromodele Polish (RAR)
Model Hobby  
Orlik Polish
Pelta   Polish hobby shop & military bookshop on-line
Pro-Model Polish
Quest Polish
Renova model Polish (ZIP)
Shipyard Polish
WAK Polish
Link language type and remarks
Bumazhnaya kollektsia   Also models from Orel and Try Krapky from the Ukrain
Card army Russian
Dolbichkin Russian Go to Modeli
Navarin Russian (EXE)
Link type and remarks
Cera Cera Automata
GaGaTree RoboCard
Link type and remarks
Tehniška zalozba Slovenije Go to TIM
Link language type and remarks
Ediciones Merino  
Guggenheim Bilbao Spanish Go to Papelaria, go to Maquetas for this building by Frank Gehry (also in English)
Papel 3D Spanish
Link language type and remarks
E.A.'s Hobby Produkter Swedish For railroad modellers
Retur Design   Cardboard Furniture
Link language type and remarks
Archeologie und Kartonsmuseum Baselland German Medieval village
Architecturmuseum Basel   Go to Projects, go to Publications and scroll al the way down
Avions Suisse en papier French
Christian Beguelin French/German
Historisches Museum Aargau German Go to the shop for Schloss Lenzburg
Paedagogischer Verlag German Go to Modellbogen
Tramclub Basel online German Go to Shop, go to Bastelbögen for Trams
Taiwan, ROC
Link language type and remarks
Monkey Design  
*Taiwan Paper Model Chinese buildings from Taiwan
Link type and remarks
Link type and remarks
Books by Revak Models of Monuments
Link type and remarks
Airport Designs
Garth Allan Canal Boats in 00 scale
Alphagraphix Trams
Alternate Realms
Automata Automata
Build your own Redwall Abbey kit
Bushwood Books Search for Gillon
*Cabaret mechanical theatre automata
Sher Christopher Paper art
County Studio paper engineering and pop-up books
Creative Model Designs
Fantasy Cutouts (ZIP)
*Flying Pig Gallery automata
Grand Illusions Go to Dragon Optical Illusion
*Heritage Models Full colour or models to paint yourself
Hooton Aircraft Classic airplanes
Impact Models
IQRA Trust
Machynlleth Clocktower model 19th century clocktower
*Marcle Models A large catalog with many interesting models
Metcalfe in 00, O and N scale
Micro Models On cd-rom
Miniature Games
The Model Dockyard
North London Models In the Railway section
*Paper Shipwright Beautiful shipmodels by David Hathaway.
Paperang The best paper airplane system in the world
Benjamin Pollock's toyshop Toy theatres (FCW)Dioramas Pro
*Ray's page
Suck UK Look for the word Card in the menu
SuperQuick For model railroaders in H0/00 scale
Tarquin Books Including pop-ups and automata
Top That! Publishing Look for Press Out & Play, Build your own
Wings of Horus Paper Warbirds WW1
Wood and Puzzles Automata
Link type and remarks
Link type and remarks
Aerogami Flying origami airplanes
Art Applewhite Rockets Rockets & Flying Saucers
Boxtalks Boxes
Brands Trader Models Wrigley Field
Build Model Castles UK Castles From Poland
Chatham Hill Games Noah's Ark, circus, toys and pottery
Clever Brothers and textures
Community Construction Kit Design, print, and construct your own 3-D communities!
Custom Paper Pocket Yachts Choose your own materials
Daisey Designs
*Delta 7 studio's
Bob Denver's Gilligan Fan Club Go to Gilligan's gift gallery. Also at The Professor's Place @ Sunken Treasures
*Digital Navy Very good, but difficult, models. Some pictures are here.
Dover Books Go to Crafts, go to Paper Craft, Origami or go to the Childrens section. Some examples are here
Down Memory Lane Mostly German and Dutch, some reproductions of US premium models from the thirties
Ebbles miniatures
Etsy Buy & sell handmade things, including paper
*Fiddler's Green Chip Fyn's modellers fairyland.
Finger and Toe Models
Gares design and creations
Gasoline Alley Antiques Cereal boxes
Geoblox A great way to teach Earth Science
Gremir Models
Hairston Aviation
Half Moon Hobbies
Hotz Artworks
IBG Models
Imagine Image Multimedia
Ironclads From the American Civil War
Steve Jackson Games
Just for kids Go to Fun and games/Cut or punch out and assemble
Der Kampfflieger
Kenilworth press (English)
Kenilworth press (Dutch)
Mostly Shakespear related models
Kids crafts and educational toys Educational toys for pre-schoolers and educational kid toys and kids crafts
Kumon Publishing
Kunstdame Native American basketry and pottery
Linea forma design San Francisco Victorian houses
Looks Like paper models
Link type and remarks
Matt's Card Models
Micro Artwork
Micromodels USA
Model Minutes US Flying paper rocket models
*Models by Marek, Prudenziato & Iliev
The Museum of Lost Wonder
NetStore USA List of paper models of this on-line bookstore
One Monk Miniatures (ZIP)
Optical toys Paper Automatons
Owl & Mouse educational software (EXE)Free educational software
Paper Airplane Company
Paper Animations Paper Automatons
Paper Creations Flying airplanes
Paper Creek Laser Cut Paper Craftsman Kits
Paper Landmarks Famous and High buildings
Paper Model
Paper Models Inc.
*Paper Models International Lou Dausse's on-line catalog
Paper Scale Models F-117a Stealth
Paper Terrain
Paper Tiger Armaments
Paper Toy Forge
Paperforms Polyhedrons
PaperPanzers WWI Tanks
Penguin Labs
Reviresco! Models to play games
RPG now
Robert Sabuda Pop-up books
Scale Scenes For the model railroader
Schiffer Books Search for Gillon
Sci Fi Prime Papercraft
Singular Selections Transportation collectibles and memorabilia
Space Craft International Laser cut space models
Steve's Storefront
Tru-Flite Models 1944 Wheaties/Jack Armstrong models
Twist Buy a sponge, get a bird feeder model free
Uncle Dean's Web Empire
The Virtual Armchair General
Walden Classic Paper Models
Westport Model Works Cardstock building drawings
Workman Publishing Ken Blackburn's airplanes
World Upside Down Mechanical cards and automata for children and adults
World Works Games
*Wurlington Bros Press Build your own Chicago
Yasutomo arts & crafts Origami
General Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles (Space)ships Airplanes
SF & Games Educational Fun Combinations Other Publishers:
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