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Link language filetype remarks + Chinese    
Les Ailes d'Hermes +     Go to surprises
Ainart -     Automata and figures
Akashi City + Japanese   Go to Papercraft for animals and seafood
Ako City + Japanese   Go to VISITOR, click the button with the red characters, go to kura_craft
*All gauge model railroading page +   ZIP/EXE/WMF For the model railroaders
Anita's Paper Dolls +     Easy to make paper dolls
ANWB + Dutch DOC Go to Over ANWB, go to Bewegwijzering, go to Maak uw eigen ANWB-paddenstoel for an ANWB-mushroom
Automatoys - French   Automata
Battle Station -     Go to Mini Gogo Yubari for pictures of a Kill Bill figure
Belenes + Spanish   Christmas stable. Go to Belen Recortable
Bij de Burcht + Dutch   Go to Leuke Dingen for tables and a logo
Wim Bol Fotografie + Dutch   Go to Contact/Parkeerschijf
Boy's surface +   PS embedding of a punctured projected plane
Cardboard Boomerangs +     Boomerangs
Chunyohada-Mark + Japanese   Go to Download
Cine Magnetics +   EPS Templates for video/cd/dvd cases
Corbis Readymech +     Pinhole Camera's
Dan's Hindenburg Landingsite -     Catapult
Fantastic Toys +     Paper Toys
Fearsome homepage +     Download a dinosaur, a dragon or a revolutionary
Fedex Furniture -     Make furniture from Fedex packaging material
Fly Power +     Fully functional airplane with a fly as the engine
Fractal + Japanese    
Frankenpaper +     All kinds of Frankenstein variations
Carlo Giovanni -     Graphic designer uses paper models for his illustrations
Hermes +     Click the bag with the red scissors
Hikoshima + Japanese   Go to annex/p-craft for stereo equipment and a bus
III-Color Schach + German EXE Go to Downloads und Bastelbogen for a game of chess
Kaz's customs + Japanese   In the Custom Gallery and Decalssection are some paper models
Legend +   ZIP Darkness
Lenshood +     Lenshoods
Lunatica - Japanese   Dolls
Marilyn Monroe + French   paper dolls
*Mechanical Papermodel + Japanese   Rubber band powerted automata, also pictures and movieclips
Merino's room + Japanese ZIP/PDO Anime figures
Mirkwood Design +     Templates & More
Miniaturama + French   Building from scratch
Modern Automata Museum - Italian    
My Diving Page + Japanese   Go to Diving, go to P_Craft (at the bottom) for diving gear.
NOVA glasses + Japanese ZIP Go to Down01.html
Optique Nakanishi + Japanese   Go to Optique Magazine, go to Backnumbers, the issues with Papercraft have glasses
Orchideenblute + German   Orchid
Origami Lament configuration +     Hellraiser puzzle
Original Hyousatu + Japanese   Nameplates
La Oscura Diablo +     Go to Artefakt, go to 4, go to La Oscura Diablo, look for Bastelbogen
Packet +     Boxes
Paper2Toy + Russian   Fantasy models and polyhedrons
Paper boxes +   Flash Design your own paper boxes
Papermodel Maniax + Japanese   Teddy bears and sushi
Paper Models of Bellows +      
*Paperpino +     Automata and more
Peace in Paper +     Christmas ornaments
Pinhole CZ +     Go to Pinhole Cameras, go to Dirkon for a working camera from ABC Magazine
Print-n-play toys +     Haunted house, car, race car and barn
Psiboy's Papercraft +     Omnitrix, Alethiometer and more
Residenz  München + German   Go to Kinder- und Jugendseiten for a crown
Sanwa Supply Paper Museum + Japanese   Go to Craft for popup cards, animals, diorama's, etc.
Saitoooooojp + Japanese LZH Go to Sub2 for lots of pictures and some downloads
Sharp Pencil TV +     Make your own movies
Stonefield Project + Japanese   Pentax MX camera
Tatebanko - Japanese   Small pictures of diorama models from Japan from around 1900
Tatebanko - Japanese   More small pictures of diorama models from Japan from around 1900
Homepage Tom +     CD cases
The Toy Maker +     Easy to make toys
Vionic + German   Go to Beispiele, go to Sonstiges, go to Sphere bastelbogen
*Wilbrord's Natural Bulbs +     Photorealistic Flowers
Xacto knife +   PNG  
Yasmin + Japanese   Go to Sakusei1.html for Sumo wrestlers
Yoshinobu + Japanese   Girls
Paper Art
Link language remarks
ArtKarElectrik -   paper art from Canada
*Artstation -   paper art from England
*Kell Black's page -   paper art from the USA
Su Blackwell -   paper art from England
*Peter Callesen -   paper art from Danmark
Daisy's blog - Korean paper art by Peter Callesen
Design-Spiel-Kunst - German Go to Bastelbögen or Spielzeug for paper art from Germany
Eckman Fine Art -   paper art from the USA
Chris Gilmour -   paper art from the UK, living in Italy
Shannon Goff -   paper art from the USA
Green Fruits + Japanese Selfportrait of Nomura Tatsutoshi
*K. Hayashi's Paper Gallery - Japanese paper art from Japan
Paul Jackson +   paper origami art
Walter Joris +   Paper Art from Belgium
Moneywallet +   Expensive wallet
National Building Museum -   paper art by Pier Gustafson
Olimb Grafix -   paper sculpture -   paper art from Japan by Mitsuo Ohkuma
Paper Museum - Japanese paper art from Japan by Takashi Ohta
*Johan Scherft - Dutch paper art from The Netherlands
Bert Simon's Portfolio +   self clone and paper cutie
Jen Stark -   paper art from the USA
Richard Sweeney -   paper art from the UK
Annie Vought -   papercuts from the USA
Sarah Woodfine -   paper Art from the UK (buildings)
Yorozu Museum + Japanese Go to Sakuhin
Other related links
Link language remarks
Boogo Links Dutch Links to model car sites (all materials)
Christmas HQ   Christmas links including some paper models
Creativity portal   Many links   The home of modelmaking
Javelin   Plastic cards that turn into 3D-models
Ann Montanaro's Movable books   The Moveable Books Society
North Coast Performance Hobbies   Great site about all kinds of modeling
NZZ Format German A TV program about paper models in Switzerland
Paper HQ   Links to paper sites
Tappi paper university   Books about paper, some about models
Tony Matteliano's Scale Model index   Many general modelling links
Tiny Crafts   Information about all kinds of paper
Slightly or not at all related links
ArchitectuurNL Dutch Dutch architectural magazine
Cobra Leader's Models   Plastic airplane and space kits
Dan Hicks   The greatest musician of all times!
Harmen de Hoop   Art
Hans.van.Olphen's musiczone   Let's all play together
Muziek gezien: Dutch Short reports of concerts I've seen
Sirene Dutch Singing and theater lessons
General Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles (Space)ships Airplanes
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Paper Art
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