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Fun Stuff
More fun stuff can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
*3 Eyed Bear +     3 Eyed Bears and Emoticons
A-Shop +     Go to Free Fatso
Akaitori wood toys +     Kid's Craft
*Marshall Alexander +     Hako's
Amka Shop +     Paper toys, go to Fun Stuff
Angry Kid +     Go to You like my hair, do ya
Anton + Russian   Go to Paper.html
Joe Apodaca's Papercraft +   ZIP Hako's with choppers
Archie Comics +     Go to Fun Stuff, go to Papercrafts, go to Art
Balloon Tales +     Go to articles for a tutorial on pop-up letter cards
Barnacle Press +     Go to Papercraft-LA Times for cut-out toys from 1922-1923
*Bazooka Jo +     Marvin the Martian and more
Beast Code + Japanese   Scroll down for a Purple Dragon
Bebe + Japanese   Go to Room/Papercraft
Ben the Illustrator +     Hako's
BillyBob884 +     Go to the Gallery
*Bocchi + Japanese    
Bocchi Gallery +     Characters and animals
Boooon City + Japanese   Simple cars
Bopeep Studio Museum + Japanese   Check the Paper Craft links + Portuguese   Linux penguin
Brick Boy +     Hako's
Bricolages Pokemon - French   Pictures of Pokemon figures
Bullshit deflector +     From
Burlabox + Italian    
Cafetera + Japanese ZIP/PDO Click the banners to go to the original sites, click the name to see a picture, click PDO to get the model
Call + Japanese   Go to the Cafe, go to Craft_ (3 links)
CardBoy +     2008 Calendar + Chinese RAR Olympic mascots
Chao laboraty +     Go to Presents
Chapeau + Japanese   Mascots
Chez Lorry + French   Go to Bricolages for cars, building and a playground
Chibi Boto papercraft +     Wrestling Hakos
Christmas Rovaniemi + Finnish   Christmas models
David Church +     Haunted Hallways
Cibaria + German   Go to Kids for caps
Craft ROBO + Japanese   Go to  Material, go to PDF (for other models you need to login and are GSD files that are only usefull if you have a CraftROBO)
Craft + German ZIP/GSD Go to CraftROBO, go to Vorlagen for some CraftROBO items
Crayon Com + Japanese   Go to (Uni.)Fram.html for paper cup people
CreaKids + Dutch   Kid's stuff, some origami and paper models
CSL's Website +     Apple's Dog-cow
Cubeecraft +     A new model every week
Cubic Character + Japanese PNG Hako's
Custom Paper Toys +     Paper creatures
Cut and Glue +     Hako Mazinger Z
Cutnejo Project +     By
Daikoku Kids + Japanese   Go to the Paper links
Danboro Labo + Japanese   Go to Paper.htm for animals and cars, other links for pictures
DIY iPod Stand +      
DIY Paper Tux +      
*DLTK's paper craft +     Kid's Stuff, lots of them
The Edge of Reality -     Hako's, outhouse, tape measure, fire extinguisher
The Empty Series +     Evil creatures
Eneloopy + Japanese   Go to the Gallery and open the doors
The failure is original * of the success + Japanese   Mandarin (since the link on the site doesn't work, here's the direct link)
Falcore +   PDO Coscolle
FARAPHY + German   Go to einSCHLAG, go to Alten, go to nr. 3 go to Daumenkino for a flip book
Atelier Fare + Japanese   Steak, chicken and hornet
FFPlaza +     Go to Multimedia, go to funpack for Fantastic Four models
Flickr Monkey +     In 5 colors
Fo-Fone +     Faux Phone
fold US candidate +     Hillary and Obama
The Fox and the Hound2 +     Go to Disney Moms for fingerpuppets
Fractalspin +     Go to Gadgets & Toys for a Mandelbrot paper toy (registration required) +     There are a couple easy models out there
Funny Character Cafe + Japanese   Characters
Funorama +     Plane, paper dolls, cootie catcher, fortune teller
Furni +     Big Chief
G-Studio + Japanese LZH/PDO Wacky Racers
Ghost Rider +     Hako
Carlo Giovanni -     Paper models used in advertising
Girl Genius +   ZIP Go to Free Stuff  for Dolls
*Gloo Man +     Customize your own him or her
GoGoGo + Japanese   Go to 555, go to 6howto for masks
Goods Rack + Japanese   Go to Tubasa01.html for greeting cards
Gossiper + Russian   Britney Spears bald
Gotorion +     Go to Other Funnies/Miscellaneous, look for Nintendo Paper Models
Graphtec UK +   ZIP/GSD Go to Crafts Products, go to Projects & Templates for some CraftROBO items
Greg Van't Land +     Go to Craft for some Hakos, a mailbox and a rocket
Groovy Ways + Dutch   Go here, click Portfolio and choose Kerstkaarten 2006 for a Christmascard with the model in it.
Guy Fawkes Mask +      
Harlancore +     Go to Paper for Boxpunx
Hatabo +     Go to myartwork.htm for some game characters
Hedstorm Productions +     Go to The Halloween Site for Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Box + Japanese   Go to c2 and c6 for pop-up cards
*Hiyoko Team + Japanese   Click the scissors
Home & Garden Television +     Go to Crafts
Honda Toy Town + Japanese ZIP Mizorogi Akira's paper works
HP +     Go to Activity Center
Ico and Jorda +     From the PS2 game
ICO + Japanese   Go to download.html for the same Ico and Jorda
Idee Montabili + Italian ZIP/EPS Several boxes, display stands and other fun things
Ikebukuro-tv + Japanese   Go to Download. You need a password (told during a broadcast) for the latest model, the older models are free
Illectronics +     Go to Work, go to Misc. Send an email to get a model
Illunatic + German   Mr. Smeary + Japanese   Go to Park, go to papercraft
Jack of no Trade +     RoBo Diddley
Robin Jarvis Com +     Models based on the books by Robin Jarvis
Jobesu +     Buffo
Joji Hirakawa + Japanese   Blockheads
+Kareha + Japanese   Figures
Kaukapedia Bastelbogen + German   Go to Bastelbogen for models from the cartoon Fix und Foxi
Kids Domain -     Links to buildings, flying airplanes, origami
Kids Dragons + Japanese   Fun characters and dragons
Kids Idea +     Simple models
Kids Goo + Japanese   Go to Island/asobino/goopcraft
Kids Nifty + Japanese   Go to handmade (near the top on the left) +     Go to Arts & Crafts, go to Paper Garden and join to get more
Kids Yahoo + Japanese   Click the scissors
Scott Kim, Puzzle Master +     Go to Inversions, go to Termes
Kinder crafts +     All kind of things
Ki-no + Japanese RAR/ZIP/PDO Go to Seisaku.html for some characters
Kirin Beverage Co. + Japanese   Go to Fun, go to Papercraft
Kite Builder +     Kite plans & more
Kittypuss +     Go to the Gallery + Dutch   Go to bouwplaten
Kodoma Porta + Japanese   Go to Emanga/Portakun, click the pink figure and scroll down to Papercraft for some characters
Konami + Japanese   Wartran Troopers models
Konami + Japanese   Car from a racing game
Konfetti Bastelbogen + German    
Konica Minolta + Japanese   Click the link with CSR in it, look for a link with env_contents in it,  click the animal
kspudw +     Go to the Gallary
Kurume Technical College + Japanese ZIP/PNG Go to Craft
More fun stuff can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
Levend Lijf + Dutch   Go to Info, go to Downloads, look for Trekpop
Lexmark Printstudio + Japanese   Monthly changing models and games
Macula Art +     Go to Downloads
Magical Kingdom +     Go to Craft
Make your own Transformer +      
Making Friends, computer crafts for kids +     Make it from Paper
Mansei + Japanese   Go to Mansei Club for models and Origami
Mardar's Stuff +     Stuff just for fun
Marilee's paper dolls +     The ultimate paper dolls pages
Marmalade Pet Care +     Go to Products for free Cardboard Cat Toys
Marrs Bar +     We hat Glue Project
Masamune's Place of *[OOC3]* +     Hako's and Transformers
Phee McFaddell +     Puppets and other stuff
Millionaire Playboy +     Go to Toys for a craps table
Minami + Japanese PDO Paper girl
Minimimmo +      
*Moichi + Japanese   Go to Paper models
Mongo Village +     Go to Paper Goods
Multi Task + Japanese   Characters
My Anniversary + Japanese   Go to Cube/index
Rob Nance +     Go to Cartoons, go to Cheap Ass Toys
Nanibird +     Paper birds
Daniel Napp + German   Go to Downloads, go to Bastelbogen
Narren Verein Oberstetten + German   Go to Was gibt's noch, go to Zum Herunterladen and scroll down
Nerd Craft +     Mario Bros diorama's
NHK + Japanese   Click the link at the bottom right in the picture for Kani
Nice Bunny +     Brickboy inspired models
NichCity +     Go to D-loads for Caravan Girls
Nick Jr. Parents +   FLASH Go to Parenting, choose Crafts
Nifty Daily Portal + Japanese   Microsoft Peanut People
Nigauri Club + Japanese   Go to Kousaku, go to paper for strange fruit
Nikosan Illustrateur + French   Gyorai Octopus
Nogunarmy +     Necromancer
Non dairy Diary +     Go to Paper Toys
Nononku + Japanese PNG/ZIP/PDO Go to the Gallery
Norton Today +     Bots
Nukigata + Japanese   Go to Oyakudati.htm for a pup, cart and star
OBJECTIVE: Ministries +   ZIP Go to 4kidz, Crafts. Also here: Happy Origami Ministry (Japanese)
The Original Mouse House +     Search for Mouse House
Pacopee + Japanese   Click the cubes + German   Go to Spiel & Spass, go to Spiele und Basteln, go to Bastelanleitungen
Panel2Panel +     Go to Extras
Paper Critters +   FLASH Create your own Creature
Paper Foldables +     Characters
Paper Models on Webshots +     Christmas Angel and Goldfish
Paper Museum + Japanese   They're everywhere
Paper Pet + Hungarian ZIP Scary pets
Paper Shaper +     Southpark, animals, phone, plane and more
Paper Snowflakes +     Go to Templates for snowflakes
Paper Toy + French   Funny characters
Paperboxworld +     Rescue team and animals
Papercraft Factory + Japanese   Animals and game consoles
Papercraft made with personal computer + Japanese LZH/TMO Click the pictures of the models, then download the LZH-file
PaperFunny - Chinese   Pictures, pictorial links
Paperian +   RAR National Lampoon's Animal House Deathmobile
Paper Models by Josh Buczynski  +     Game and TV characters
Paul's Paper Models +     Birthday Cake
PDF land +     Robot, UFO, animals and more
Pental Papercraft + Japanese    
Pepeacra Temple + Japanese   Go to sindenpepakura.html
Peque Belen + Spanish   Christmas stable
Phils Creations +     All kind of things
Pierrot Kingdom + Japanese   Look for the scissors for a clown, dog, car, scenery
Pink Donkey +     Click the links at the bottom and go the Special Activities
Pink Godzilla +     For retro-gamers
Planet Karen +     Go to the 500th issue (through the Archives)
PlayRoll +     Toxi, CO&O, Nuke & T-Rash
Pony Tail Festival + Japanese   Go to Baka Game for Blitz Nurse
Pop-up World +     Pop-up cards
Production Comittee + Japanese   Sea Bream, Red Lion
Prozac Blues +     Go to David Willis for neckties
Pullman Kids +     Pokemon, animals
Pulp fiction spider kit +     Go to Pulp Fiction, go to The Spider, go to The Spider Kit
Rainforest Alliance +     Go to Education, go to Kids, go to Rainforest Activities, go to Hands-on Projects
Random Ferret +     Go to Toys voor a hako
Ravens Blight +     Go to the Toyshop for some scary models
*Ready Mech also here +     Hako's
Real Nopposans + Japanese ZIP  
The Rogues +   ZIP No glue paper toys
Rokunoya + Japanese LZH/PDO Go to Paper_craft for some figures
Bernhard Röck +     Dog and automata
Rommy Sloth Paper Toys +      
Ryuhou + Japanese   Go to craft.html for a dragon
Salazar Family +     Hakos
Sam and Piccolo +     Go to Downloads for Piccolo
Sammena + Japanese LZH/PDO Go to Papertop.html
Dan Santat +   ZIP Go to Free Stuff/Printable Toys
Sasatoku Press Co. + Japanese   Go to Present for automata and lots of other stuff
Scarabokkio + Spanish +     Thanksgiving Turkey
Seal Online Fanpage + Japanese PDO Funny characters and animals
Sega Superstars + Japanese EXE/PDO Go to Present
Seite 42 + German ZIP Models from Micky Mause magazine
Senkyo + Japanese   Go to Papercraft01.html
Shala's Beadshop +     Boxes and books
Shigenet +     Cartoon characters
Shinsekai + Japanese   Go to Pdf_top.html for a game
Shiobi + Japanese LZH Go to the Gallery, click the link with Paper in it for Cotowari doll
Shitara + Japanese   Hidden paper model(s)
Shocker + Japanese   Character
Sonic the Hedgehog + Japanese ZIP Go Enjoy (right from BBS), go to Papercraft for gamescene and airplane
Henk Stolker + Dutch   Go to Download/Bouwplaten for a Kitty box
Stoomboot van Sinterklaas + Dutch   Steamship for Sinterklaas
Straws + Japanese   Hako's
Sugitti + Japanese   Go to Hotnews, go to 2007/4/18
Subservient Chicken +     Chicken mask
Super muis + Dutch   Super Mouse
Takeaway + Spanish   Hako's
*Shin Tanaka + Japanese   Download a template and make your own design
Tang Mu +      
Telman's Hakos +      
Template Bank +     You have to subscribe with your email address to download the models
Tepia Web Park + Japanese   Go to Play & Tool
Terra Cotta + Japanese   Fingerpuppets and more
TNT Factory + German   Hammer and dice. Go to basteln
Tokai Gas + Japanese   Go to Touch, go to paper
Tokyolapalm + Japanese   Go to Download, for PaperCradle's
*Toypaper +      
The Underwater Big Band + German ZIP Go to Downloads, go to U-boot
V&A +     Go to Activities & Events, go to Things To Do Offline
Vanessa's Homepage + German   Go to Bastelbögen for low-res paper dolls
Way of the Rodent +   PNG Go to Paper Arcade
WikiHow +     Go to Hobbies & Crafts, go to Crafts for some fun folding models
Worms 3D +     Go to Multimedia, go to models
Dr Takashi Yamanoue -     Pictures of Flying Pig automata and some birds
Tammy Yee +     Go to the Keiki Page for Crafts and Origami
More fun stuff can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
More animals can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
Aio Junior Highschool +     Horse Shoe Crab
Ajinomoto Frozen Food + Japanese   Click the second menu from the right, click the first image from the left. Clich the scissors
Aktions Konferenz Nordsee + German   Go to Spiele for a Seagull
Allwetter Zoo + German   Go to Kinder im Zoo/Basteln & Mahlen
Aqualife + Japanese   Fish
Art32m-k + Japanese   Go to Paper Craft Gallery, click PDF, for a Kingfisher
Baketuinu + Japanese   Dog and frog
Balancing bat + Japanese + German   Go to Spiel u. Spass, go to Falt for a cow and a farm
Bokumono + Japanese   Go to Bonus for a dog & a cow
Box Dog Puppy + Japnese   Hako dogs and some flying planes
Build your own Tack +     Iceberg Tack postcard
Caminco + Japanese   Birds and insects
Cat Net + Japanese   Go to paper4 for a hako cat
Chunyohada Mark + Japanese   Bird
Click Cube + Japanese   Click on the picture with the animals
Copet + Japanese   Click the animals
Colorshop + Japanese   Click on the cat, at the bottom is a model of a cat
Corydoras +     Go to Illust, go to Let's make for Fish
CWfilms + Japanese   Cat mask
Fukuinooyado + Japanese   Click the download button next to the Dinosaur
Godxdog production + Japanese   Go to Graphic
Haggar + Japanese PNG Go to Papertux for a penguin
Injan + Japanese   Nice designs
Isara + Japanese   Dinosaur
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology + Japanese   Go to Kids/index.html for deepsea fish and vessels
Kabuto + Japanese   Go to Kami for a Helmet beetle
Kamekids + Japanese   Go to Papercraft in the scrolling table for a simple turtle
Kamiwaza + Japanese   Pictures and easy models
Kouhoukuban + Japanese   Go to 2005-1 for a duck
Kuro's Homepage +     Horse shoe crabs and a Trilobite
Make an Insect Mask +     Masks
Maple House + Japanese   Go to Pcraft, go to DL_Momiji for a hamster
Maruman + Japanese   Go to Paper Craft
Media Navigation + Japanese   Bear, cat, dog and rabbit
Mexico for Kids + Spanish   Go to Biodiversidad, go to Zoológico de papel
Nafmaru + Japanese   Animals and a mermaid
National Maritime Research Institute + Japanese   Fun animals and a bus
NINI Factory + Japanese   Go to Novelty Goods for a cat + German   Go to Spiel & Spass, go to Basteln for animal(mask)s
Paper Craft + Japanese XDW You need Docuworks Viewer (Japanese) to see this.
Paper Horse Park + Japanese   Race horses and jockeys
Pepsi Recycling +     Go to What you can do
Pet Clip + Japanese   Click the link next to the scissors for cats and dogs
Kumagai Satoshi + Japanese   Go to Mamechishiki , go to Papercraft
Taka Factory + Japanese   Go to Petit Amies
Tepco eco + Japanese   Insect
ToyToy Hedgehog + Japanese   Hedgehogs and Flying Squirrel
Trouts and Seasons of The Mountain Village also here +     Fish
UZO + Japanese   Click the craft-links before the words GO (3 times)
Vogelbescherming + Dutch   Go to Fun & Jeugd/Kleuren & knutselen
Wild Bird Studio +     Go to Bird
Woodpecker Studio +     Pop-up animals
Yo & Motoko's Homepage + Japanese   Go to Fun, go to Present for a Hamster
*Zardoz + Japanese   Go to Paper Models
ZOO tto + Japanese   Go to Craft/index.html for a lesser panda
Zukan + Japanese   Fish
More animals can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages

General Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles (Space)ships Airplanes
SF & Games Educational Fun:
Fun Stuff
Combinations Other Publishers
Origami (including Origamic Architecture)
More origami can be found on the Buildings, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link filetype language remarks
AEP +     Spanish Origami Organisation
Alex Bateman's Origami page +     Lots of models
Centro diffusione Origami +     A new model every month
Masahiro Chatani -   Japanese The inventor of Origamic Architecture
Contemporary Origami -   Japanese By Hojyo Takashi
Datteba +   Japanese Make models of origami parts
Design in Origami +     Many diagrams
Dollar Bill Armadillo +     By Jim Cowling
Evermore Origamic Architecture +     And pop-up cards +     Many models
Fort Max +     Star Wars, Pooh and more
Froggy page +     Go to Other Froggy Fun
Froggyville +     Go to Graphics/Fun Stuff for a Jumping Frog
Takumi Fukushima +   Japanese Go to Taste.html for Origamic Architecture
Robert Gatliff's Origami page -     Some good pictures
Robin Glyn's Origami page +     Animals, boxes and C3PO
*Handmade Paper Craft Club +   Japanese Very regularly new models
Hiro's homepage -   Japanese Lots of pictures
jbhobbykaarten -   Dutch Origamic Architecture
Eric Joisel +     Origamic art
Takaaki Kihara's Gallery -     Buildings and animals
Takaaki Kihara's Homepage +     Origamic Architecture
Michał Kosmulski's Homepage +     Modular Origami
KSK's Origamic architecture +     Many pictures and links
*Robert J. Lang Origami +     Origami Art, also home of Treemaker, a program to design origami
Marivi's Origamic Architecture +     Many models and good tutorials
MM's Modular Mania +     Many diagrams
Money Origami +     Folding instructions
Money Origami -     Pictures
Nekocame +   Japanese Go to Popupart
Keiko Nakazawa-Origamic Architect -   Japanese Buildings and Zodiac signs
Origami -     Large Origami site
*Origami Boulder Company -     Buy Origami boulders (with a Haiku) ;-)
Origami Central -     Origami Model Diagram Database
Origami Club +   Japanese Many models
Origami Deutschland +     Folding instructions
Origami Dolls +     Pictures and instructions
Origami Insects -     Lots of pictures
Origami Interest Group -     Scientific aproach of Origami
*Origami KAIJU +     Folding instructions for a couple of monsters
Origami Societeit Nederland +     Dutch Origami club
Origamido -     Origami sculptures from the USA
Origami Underground +     Sexual explicit origami
Orihouse +     Lots of pictures and models
*Oriland -     Beautiful origami
PaperCrane +     From Australia +     Eric's origami page
*Papierarchitectuur: Van gebouw tot kaart also in English -     Dutch and Belgian buildings by Ingrid Siliakus
Papyromania +     Origamic Architecture
Planet Origami +     Many unusual diagrams
Nick Robinson's work +     Go to Cheesypeas for folding instructions
Robert Salemink's Page + ZIP   Formerly known as the Backpage
Star Wars Origami +     R2D2 and a lot of fighters
Vanessa's Origamic Architecture +     Many models on site by daughter of Marivi
Virtual gallery of origamic architecture +     Many pictures, many links
Willem's Origamic Architecture Online +     Nice architecture
*Joseph Wu Origami +     Large Origami site
Zing-Man Origami Gallery +     Nice patterns
More origami can be found on the Buildings, Combinations and Publishers pages
General Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles (Space)ships Airplanes
SF & Games Educational Fun:
Fun Stuff
Combinations Other Publishers