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More education can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
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3D Buildings out of paper -     Article on how to make a 3D building and put it in Google Earth using an existing digital paper model and Google SketchUp
3D Gallery + Japanese   Optical Illusions
American Museum of Natural History +     Diorama's
Ole Arntzen + German   Dodecahedron Calendars
An Atlas from the Universe +     Go to 250 Light Years for a Skyglobe
Bastelbögen at Freeware-Kiel + German ZIP Polyhedrons
Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung + German   Go to Kinder- und Jugendseiten, go to Bastelbogen for a crown
Bright Bytes Studio +     Zoetrope, camera obscura and more
Chessblocks +     Go to Free Chessblocks
Cleveland Museum of Art +     Go to Education, go to CMA Kids for a helmet, eggholder and masks
Coral Reef Paper Models +     Geological models
Design & Technology Online +   DXF Go to Packaging, go to Packaging Designer
Ecole Elementaire Public de Metz-Tessy + French   Go to Dossier Futuroscope, go to Les ancêtres du cinéma for some simple movies
M.C.Escher's Kaleidocycles +      
Family Practice Notebook +     Heart Block
Fault Analysis Group +     Geological models
Folding Paper Model of Magnetosphere +      
Der Fussball seit 1970 +     Soccerball
Komei Fukuda's homepage +   PS Go to Old Homepage, go to Older Links for some polyhedrons
Carlos A. Furuti +   PNG Go to Mapprojections, go to Pseudoglobes
Geoscience Australia +     Go to Education (top right), go to Geoscience Australie education resources
Frans Hessels +     Go to Construction Plates for some Polyhedrons
Hexaflexagon Toolkit +   EXE Program to let you make your own folding puzzle
Horizontastronomie +     Astronomical instruments
Human Powered Paper Vehicle Competition -     Ride your paper model
HyperGami and JavaGami -     CAD software to create paper art
IG Windkraft + German   Go to Downloads, go to Infomaterial (twice), look for bastelbogen
*Image Patterner +     Go to Neat Stuff, go to IP Slicer for software to create Spheres + examples
Internet Museum + Japanese   Models of historical artifacts
Japan Science and Technology Agency + Japanese   Paper science teaching aids
Kathryn Huxtables Homepage -     Instructions to build Flexagons
Karst Topography Paper Model + +   PDO Guy Fawkes mask
Kumigami + Japanese   Polyhedra
Mathematical Education + German   Go to Bastelbogen for Polyhedrons +     Enigma machine
Paper models of Polyhedra +      
Paper Plasma models +      .
Paper Polyhedra +      
Papero Arto + Esperanto PNG Dodecahedral Earth Globes
*PlanetScapes +     Go to Planetary Maps and Models, go to Fun Stuff  for planetary icosahedrons
Polyeder bastelbogen +   PS/XFIG  
PolyMod Polyhedron Modeler -   EXE Shareware program to make polyhedrons
Puzzle Land (Hattori) + Japanese   Chess, Shogi and 12 Maze
Ram's Horn +     Model of a logarithmic spiral/helix
Reguläre Polyeder + German   Go to Bastelbogen for Polyhedra
Resch.pdf +     Patented polyhedra design by Ron Resch
Jorge Rezende +     Poly Puzzles with numbers
Die Rhomboeder + German   Look for Bastelbogen
Satterfield's Tomb +     A special kind of pyramid
SBS Astronomie + German   Altimeter for stars Go to Unterricht planen, go to Materialen/Beobachtungsaufträge
Science Factory A1 + Japanese   Chemical constellations, dinosaurs, planes
Science Toys +     Go to Mathematics
Scientific American +     Go the May 2006 issue for a working slide rule
Sen Teacher +   FLASH Go to The Printables Page for Nets and Dice
Solar Views +     Go to Student Resources for planetary icosahedrons (same as at PlanetScapes)
Solid objects representing impossible objects  +     Based on drawings by M.C. Escher
Spektrum Direkt + German   Sphericons
Sternwarte Recklinghausen + German   Go to Materialien/Bastelbögen
Tau Rho Alpha's paper models +     Geological models
Der Umstuelpbare Wuerfel + German    
Kumiko S. Usuda's Home Page +     Make Your Own Milky Way Model
Utah Teapot +     From the Siggraph 98 Conference
Virtual Tours of National Parks +     Go to Downloads for Panoramagami
Volcano paper model +     Black and white volcano
Website of Ed Vos +     Go to Pyramid for a Pyramid for Energy
Wir basteln ein Schwarzes Loch + German   Black Hole in Lowres, you can buy the book with hires model
Wir basteln uns ein Sonnenuhr + German   Sundial
Douglas Zongker +     Polyhedrons
More education can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Musical instruments
More instruments can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
Accoutrements +     Go to Products, go to Action Figures, go to Beethoven or Mozart for a piano
Acoustic guitar street + Japanese LZH Go to Paper.html for a guitar
DB Boulevard Point of View -     Videoclip in carboard on YouTube
Hirata Church + Japanese   Go to Message, go to Who, go to Omake.html for a drumkit and a church
Klonhertz Three Girl Rhumba -     Videoclip with paper musicians
Ladyface - Dutch   Picture and soundclip of a playable Ladyface saxophone
Paper Guitar Factory + Japanese   Electric guitars
Soft ART DESIGN +   ZIP Go to Bouwplaat for an organ
Yamaha Electone Stagea + Japanese   Go to Stagea, go to Stylish, go to Craft for an organ
More instruments can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
More computers can be found on the Combinations page
Link language filetype remarks
Alester + Japanese   Go to Pepakura for laptops
Apple Collection +     Paper Mac's
Blufire software +     Go to Products for Apples
Cardiac Answers -     Bell Labs Cardiac Computer
Datenform +     First Person Shooter
Dragon Tongue +     Go to downloadz, go to etc.
Gamecube + Japanese   Go to Cube_1&2.htm
Homecomputermuseum + German   Go to Computer, go to Commodore, go to PET 2001, go to Bastelbogen
IBM Computer Museum + Japanese EXE Go to the (Flash) link, go to Shikumi.html, click thinkpad
IC Craft + Japanese   Chip
iPaperCraft +     Create custom iPod covers
iPhone +     By Gary Tijuana
iPod + Japanese   Go to the PDF links
iPod Nano +      
iPod Nano Case +     By Gary Tijuana
Lenovo Thinkpad Life + Japanese   Thinkpad
Morphy One + Japanese    
Olympus + Japanese   Click the fifth link on the left, next click the camera
rhbrgn + Dutch   Look for iMac G4, click Download
Sestoren + Japanese   Computers, swords and guns
Wanna Be + Japanese   Computers and telephone
More computerts can be found on the Combinations page
General Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles (Space)ships Airplanes
SF & Games Educational:
Musical instruments
Fun Combinations Other Publishers