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More trucks can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
Akita Chuo Doro + Japanese   Click on the scissors
Akita river national highway office + Japanese   Road maintainance vehicles and a bypass
All From Paper + Russian   Armoured vehicles
ASR Chemnitz + German   Go to Publikationene, go to Unterhaltsames für Kinder for a garbagetruck
Berufsfeuerwehr Linz + German   Go to Kidscorner, go to Bastelauto
Brandweer Roermond + Dutch   Go to bouwplaten for firetrucks
Brandweer Zevenaar + Dutch   Go to Brandweer Algemeen, go to Bouwplaten for some firetrucks
Bulliportal + German   Go to downloads, go to VW-bus for a VW-T3 policebus
Camino Shiribeshi + Japanese   Go to Papercraft (on the right) for construction vehicles
Chikasagi Volunteer Firemen +     Firetruck
City of Asahikawa + Japanese   Go to Kids, go to ppc.html for an ambulance and firetrucks
City of Himeji Hyogo + Japanese   Go to Kids for a firetruck and ambulance
City of Itami + Japanese   Go to 03_asobu.html, click on the links under the first purple band for emergency vehicles and a bus
City of Iwata + Japanese   Go to Gov (top menu), go to 26, go to go2607.html
Convoy Factory + Japanese   Trucks
Crusader Ambulance +      
Daf also at Daf Trucks +     Go to Daf Fun/Papermodels
Dafmuseum + Dutch   Go to Een stukje historie/Bouw je eigen DAF
Design Data Developers +     Several trucks by Steve Ulstad
Dierenambulance Hellendoorn + Dutch   Go to Kinderen for a Animal Ambulance
Ecotruck + Japanese   Go to Craft (bottom left)
Exclusive models + Polish   Tanks and trucks
Fan Fun Myco-op + Japanese   Truck
Feuerwehr Bremen + German   Go to Kinderseite/Bastelbögen
Feuerwehr Ebersheim + German   Go to Jugendfeuerwehr, go to Bastelbögen
Feuerwehr Gau Algesheim + German   Go to Sonstiges, go to Kinderseite for firetrucks
Feuerwehr - Rödelheim + German   Go to Fahrzeuge/Bastelbogen for firetrucks
Firefighter + German   Go to download for Bastelbogen
Freiwillige Feuerwehr Juist + German   Go to Downloads, go to Freiwillige Feuerwehr Juist, go to Bastelbogen
Freiwillige Feuerwehr Steinrod + German   Go to Kinderland/Bastelbögen
Goro Hair Craft & Make Up + Japanese   VW bus
Great-A Library Website + Japanese   Go to page 022 for a tank
Hanshin Kids + Japanese   Go to Paper_car_01.html for 2 diorama's
Hirokato + Japanese   Go to PC Data for rescue vehicles
Hiroshima Fire Department + Japanese   Firetrucks and fireboat
ID-C + Japanese   Truck
Kahns + German   Go to Privat, go to Bastelbögen
Kasugai + Japanese   Emergency Vehicles
KDF Wagen +   EXE Very detailed VW transporters
Kinan Office of River and National Highway + Japanese   Click the animated model
Kobe City Fire Department + Japanese   Firetrucks and a bus
Kolko Modelarski + Polish RAR Go to Do Sciagniecia for a TMPG-69 Tank Trainer
Kyoto Fire Department + Japanese   Fun cars
Limited Last Edition +     Go to Zeug for VW T1, T2 and T3's, also links to other sites
Livic + Japanese   Simple van and truck
Marujyu +     Van and Truck
Matsusake Fire Station + Japanese   Go to Kurahuto (near bottom left) for firetrucks, -station  and ambulance
Mayompaye + French   Go to Daily Ralogue for a Citroen Van
Modelos Papel + Spanish   Tanks and armoured trucks
Muroran Development and Construction Department + Japanese   Go to Present for a truck and road grader
N-ergie + German   Go to Karriere & Schule, go to Schulinformationen, go to Mach mit for a truck
Nara Trucking Association + Japanese   Go to Asobo_f.htm
Nichijo Construction Co. + Japanese   Go to Kids, go to PDF for road construction vehicles
Nitten + Japanese   Go to Papercraft.html for a simple van
North Western Warehouse Co. +     Truck
Okayama Fire Department + Japanese   Firetruck and helicopter
Ono City fire department + Japanese   Go to Paper.html (red link) for fire engines, ambulances and flowerbuses
PaperPanzer +     Tanks
RAV IJssel-Vecht + Dutch   Go to Kids for an ambulance
Roland's homepage + Dutch   Firetruck
Serezas Models + Russian ZIP/WMF/DWG Go to Packpon for armoured trucks, go to Modeli for pictures
SFS 119 + Japanese   Firetruck and ambulance
Shin Caterpillar Mitsubishi Ltd. + Japanese   Go to the Galery (top menu, right), go to Play.html, go to Craft for Caterpillars
Shiryou + Japanese   Decorated trucks
Sunreder Classics + Japanese EXE Campers, military vehicles, a yacht and trains
Takamatsu City + Japanese   Emergency vehicles
Takasaki River National Highway Office + Japanese   Go to Kids, go to Paper.html for maintainance vehicles
THW-Ortsverband Mellrichstadt + German   Go to Downloads, look for Bastelbogen
M.Tokuchan + Japanese   Go to Paperclaft for emergency vehicles and a garbage truck
Claudio Vianini +     Go to Games for simple trucks
Vojenska Technika + Slovenian   Tanks and armoured trucks
Yamaken - Japanese   Go to Mymodel.html, go to Maser.html for some tank pictures
Yongi + Japanese   Wait for the backhoe to come by
More trucks can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
More buses can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
75th anniversary of Government Buses in NSW +     Go to For Fun
Bibus + French ZIP Go to Loisirs
John Bird's Bus Pictures +     English buses
Böda skola + Swedish   Go to Klipp och klistra skolbussen
Bus 2248 + Polish RAR Go to Galeria schematów, go to Modelpacki
Bus cars 26 + French   Go to C.T.A.V. or Cariana Drome or Regie Voyages Drome, 
go to Bus/Cars à découper
Bus-mania + Polish RAR/PNG Polish buses
Busmodels -     Scratch build buses from Yugoslavia
Bus Passion Metz + French   Go to Modéles à découper, direct link here
CTAV + French   Go to Aller plus loin/Bus à découpe
Dragon Lung +     Many buses
Dopravní web + Czech   Go to Ke stazení (right menu), go to Vystrihovánky for buses and trams
Farmborough & District Group +     Go to Buses
Greater London Photos +     Pictures of real buses and paper models
Harry Transit Bus Industries +   PNG buses
Hong Kong Paper Model +   PNG buses
*Atelier Ibuki + Japanese   Nicely detailed buses and taxis from Kobe. Go to Kousaku.
IMHD Bratislava +     Go to Vehicles/Paper models
Kitada bus papercraft + Japanese   buses
Kohnan Electric Railway +     Japanese buses
Kosa Town + Japanese   Click the scissors
Awaji Kotsu Express + Japanese   Click the scissors
Lijn 50 + Dutch   Go to Fun, go to Bouwplaat
Megabus + French   Buses
Minato + Japanese   Go to Access/index.html, go to Paper-0408/index.html
MRKB + Japanese   buses and trams. Go to Mod_list.html
Nagitsuji Transportation Bureau + Japanese   buses
Natural Science Learning Center + Japanese   Go to Bus.htm
Openbaar vervoer in Boskoop + Dutch   Go Bustekeningen, go to Bouwplaten for a bus
Paper Bus +     IE only models
Paper bus connection +   PNG Buses and links
Pro-bürgerbus + German   Handdrawn model
RailPaperModels + Japanese PNG buses
Rundt + Polish    
Sagami Railway + Japanese   Go to Kawaraban (green button), the PDF's are buses and trams
Sendai City + Japanese   Go to Kids, go to Craft
Shizuoka Prefectural Museum +     Rodin bus
SolarisBus +   ZIP Go to Club/Downloads, go to Cartoon Models for busses by Grzegor Rutka
Sonehara + Japanese PNG Many busses and trains
Stagecoach fanclub +     Hong Kong buses
Stephen's Paper Bus page +      
*Stuttgarter Strassenbahn + German   Go to Erlebnis, go to SSB zum anfassen, go to go to bastelbogen
Takuma +   PNG Go to paper/index
Tamiya + Japanese   bus and shed +     bus
Troop 516 on the web +     Go to Forms & Documents
The Unofficial Ipswich Buses website +     buses
Üstra + German   Go to Kunden, go to Service/Jugend Mobil for simple bus and tram bastelbogen
Uwajima Bus + Japanese   Go to Orijinal Goods, go to Papercraft.jpg
Vestiche + German   Go to Busschule, go to Alberts Abenteuer, go to Malbuch, click picture, go to Bastelbogen for a simple bus
Vystrihovací papírové modely + Czech   Go to Ke Stazení, Stáhni means Download
Steve Xodiak + Czech   Go to Modylky, go to Papiraky follow the links at the bottom for buses and trams
Yokohama City Transportation Authority + Japanese   Go to Kids/index.html, go to Download/craft.html
ZKM Gdynia + Polish   Go to Pojazdy, then to Modele do Sklejania for some buses
More buses can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
More trains can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
All City Style +     Customize this subway car
Amito + Japanese   Go to pg001500.html (left frame), go to pg001520.html and pg001550.html for trams
Assotram +     Trams from Barcelona
*Brussels Paper Trams +   ZIP Trams from Belgium
Cane Sig +     Trains
Chiba Monorail + Japanese   Go to P-Kurafuto.htm (left, almost bottom)
Chikahaku + Japanese   Go to Tanoshi_00 (green train) for a train
City of Tsukuba + Japanese   TX-2000 in 1/100 scale
Etched Pixels +     48DS Ruston & Hornsby Industrial Railway Locomotive
Fusimiinari guide + Japanese   4 old trams
Hanshin train papercraft + Japanese   Trains and buses
Hiroden Avenue + Japanese   Old trains from Hiroshima, check the PDF's
Hoku Hoku + Japanese   Click the second link from the right near the bottom, click the trains
Jagsttalbahn + German   Go to Modellbau, go to Bastelbögen
JK2EEV + Japanese   Go to Ks_h.htm, go to Seihin.htm, go to Nua8.htm
K100 - Japanese   Go to Siryou for a train
Karat Creek Model design +     Go to Prototypes, go to Kiso
Kawasaki City + Japanese PNG Look for the PNG files for a locomotive
Komaden Transportation + Japanese   trams
Lilafüredi Állami Erdei Vasút + Hungarian   Click the paper train to get to the models
Lionel Wartime Freight Train -     Pictures of this 1943 model
Modellbahnfrokler + German   Go to Selbstbau
Neuwied + German   Go to Kultur/Geschichtliches, go to Stadtgeschichte
Nottingham Express Transit +     Tram
Odakyu Kids + Japanese   Go to Print for the model, go to Tukurikata for instructions
Paper Train + Japanese   Trains
Papierové Modely + Slovak EXE Trains
...Papírmakettek + Hungarian PNG Trains and trams
Pars Nova +     Go to Download, go to Cut-out sheets
Pixel Sagas +     Go to Gallery, go to Paper Arms
*Playtown + Japanese   Trainsets
PTK + Polish   Go to Aktualnosci, go to Model for a locomotive
Railroad Trip + Japanese   Go to Papakura.html for trains and buses
Railway and Bus Room + Japanese PNG Go to Kurahuto1.html for Hiroshima trains
Los Recortables + Spanish   Trams
S-Liner + Japanese   Trains and buses
Senday City Transportation Bureau + Japanese   Go to Kids, go to Craft for a subwaytrain and buses
Smallfilms       Go to Ivor
Sonegen + Japanese PNG Japanese trains, trams and buses
Streetcar Summit '99 in Toyohashi + Japanese EXE/TIF Go to pages 1520 and 1550
Taco + Japanese   Go to Tpc-index.html (at the bottom) for highspeed trains
TGV trains +     Go to Other, go to TGVweb go to TGV models, by Clem Tillier
Thomas the train + Japanese   Go to Papercraft.html for trains and railroad buildings
Tobu monthly + Japanese EXE/SEA Also check out the backissues in the left frame (since december 1998)
Toyoshima +     Go to Papercrft.htm for Kyoto trams
Toyotetsu World + Japanese   Go to Dl.html (bottom left)
Trakkies +     Go to Things to Do, go to Things to Make
Volk's Electric Railway +     Go to Models for a 1883 tramcar
West Japan Railroad + Japanese   Go to Gallery, go to Paper for trains, rails, dioramas and buildings
World of Models - Bulgarian   Sofia's paper trams
Yonaga + Japanese PNG Go to Paperclaft
More trains can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
General Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles:
(Space)ships Airplanes
SF & Games Educational Fun Combinations Other Publishers