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The linkspages are no longer maintained, too much changes to deal with.
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Card Modelling FAQ -     Lot's of information, but not updated lately
Iceberg bouwplaten / Paper Models +     This site has more than linkspages only
*International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites -     Go to paper models
Cardboard Ships and Boats -     Paper model message board about waterproofed paper ships
*Card Modelers online +     Monthly e-zine +     Paper model message board
Cardmodels4fun +     Paper model message board
Centrum Papírových modelu - Czech   Paper model message board
FinalPaper - Korean   Paper model message board (click ENG for English bbs)
Le Forum en Papier + French   Paper model message board
Kartonbau Forum - German   Paper model message board + German   Paper model message board
Kartonmodell Forum + German   Paper model message board
Papermodelers +     Paper model message board
Papermodels II GoogleGroups +     Paper model message board +     Paper Model message board for table top gaming accessories
Paper Modelling vWorld + Portuguese   Paper model message board
Prototipos de Papel - Portuguese   Brazilian Paper Model Message board
Yahoo! Space Paper Models +     In the clubs section of Yahoo!
Cutting Remarks -     Quarterly newsletter (UK)
Applied language Solutions -     Translates words and websites into many languages
Babelfish -     Translates words and websites from and to English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian
Excite! Japan - Japanese   Translates Japanese webpages. Put the URL of the web site you want to translate in the green rectangular box. Tick the circle on the right then click the blue button.
Free Online Translator -     Translates between English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese is also available), Italian and Russian languages
Multilingual Dictionary [cz] -     Translates Czech to and from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Latin
Netonline - Dutch/French   Translate words from and to Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
Poltran -     Translate words and sentences from Polish to English and vice versa
Translatica pwn - Polish   Translates Polish to and from English, German and Russian
WorldLingo -     Go to Free Translation Tools for translations between 14 languages

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EAA Museum’s Paper Models display -   Pictures from this exhibition that started in 2003
*Dr. Jun Mitani + ZIP/PDO Articles about designing paper models
Radio Praha -   Article about Antonin Langweil's model of Prague
Wired News -   Article about paper modelling
Wired News -   Article about paper modelling
WinRail - German Article about paper modelling, go to Kartonmodellbau
Cumberland Toy and Model museum -   Go to museumdescription for pictures

Link filetype remarks
Acrobat Reader EXE Free software to view PDF files
Foxit EXE/ZIP Free software to view PDF files
Algolab EXE Raster to Vector conversion toolkit. 10 day trial version.
7-zip EXE/MSI Open Source software to open ZIP files
Altools EXE Free software to open ZIP files
FreeZip EXE Free software to open ZIP files
QuickZip EXE Free software to open ZIP files
UltimateZip EXE Free software to open ZIP files
GhostScriptview EXE Free software to view PS files
The Gimp Homepage EXE Open Source Graphics Software
Docuworks Viewer EXE Free software to view XDW files
Pepakura viewer EXE Software to unfold into PDO files and free viewer to open PDO files
ORIPA JAR Origami Pattern Editor
Papercut MSI/EXE Open source software for creating geometric models
Poly EXE Shareware program to make polyhedra, go to download
Pulse Rate Software EXE Cone unfold program
Scale Calculator EXE Free software
Stella: Polyhedron Navigator EXE Create Polyhedra Models
Tank CAM ZIP Calculate dimensions of surfaces

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Artist Delivery Service +    Paper Art
Chiba +   Hako's
The Chronical of + Russian Click the Papercraft-tag for hako's
Clever + Spanish StarTrek models
Dookie-Poo Paperjam +   Playsets for Dookie Poo (here, go to Fun)
e440 -   You can mail to ask for templates -    
Funk Food +   SIZZA-Return of the black Ninja
FX Console +   Game consoles
Hiro + Japanese Transformer
June + Japanese Robots
Kaizo Papercraft +   Fantasy
Le Blog de Jerom + French  
LingKong Papercraft design workshop + Japanese  
LINE art and design blog +    
Make Magazine +   Large archive with paper projects
My Paper Models eSnips folder +    
Nick Knite +   Sizza
Papercraft Paradise -   All kind of models
Papercraft World -   All kind of models
Paper Forest - +    
Paperjerry - Spanish Mostly airplanes
PaperKraft.Net +   Models, automata, pop-up, origami, etc
papermodelmakersexclusive's +   Cars and fun things
Paperpop + Chinese Buildings and Olympic mascots
Papertoy Bonanza +   Sparky
Recortables + Spanish click the links before ZIP named Aquí
Relax Bear Papercraft + Japanese Bears
RGatt Personal Work and Tests +   Robots
Bryan Rollins +   TUBii
Ryo007 +   All kind of things
Saltnpaper +    
SylvrPoet Designs -   Paper art
Skull-A-Day +   Look for entry 72
Space machine model production diary - Japanese  
*Spayneville +   Contribute your own designs!
Toy-a-Day +   A new model everyday (for a year)
Tubbypaws +   Blog of happy art
World of Papercraft! +    
Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles (Space)ships Airplanes
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